The Ultimate Resource to Help You Locate an Inmate has been created to help the friends, family, and loved ones of inmates in both federal and local facilities to find answers to the numerous questions that may come about in relation to the incarceration of someone they know. It can be difficult to know what to do to help or what is allowed for those incarcerated in different facilities. This is further compounded by the many jail systems having different rules and regulations, some of which change often. InmatesPlus offers a site that can help you send money, gifts, letters, and spend time with your loved ones. If you have never dealt with the prison system or never dealt with the specific system in which your loved one is incarcerated, it can get confusing. offers a way to easily navigate the rules and regulations associated with inmate information searches, as well as prison inmate searches so that you can locate and communicate with your loved one in the appropriate ways. InmatesPlus is the ultimate resource to find all the information you need on finding an inmate in any state or facility. Though not affiliated with the department of corrections in any way, we do our best to make sure information is as up to date as possible. That being said, changes occur on occasion and we cannot be held responsible for incorrect information.

Help you Run a Local, State or Federal Prison Inmate Search

If you are considering a prison inmate search and want further inmate information on how to keep in touch or provide money for commissary, then look no further than InmatesPlus. Simply click on the state and then facility you need to gain information on visiting hours, applications, and the possibility of bringing minors to visitation. This is important because while one facility may require the inmate to provide a visitation list that is approved, another may allow anyone to visit with a set appointment. Some prisons and facilities may allow minors while others have an age limit to those who can attend visitation. Also be aware that some visitations may be face to face in the same room, while others are held over video monitors or through plexiglass. This is all dependent on the facility. Additional information about what may be necessary to set a visitation time is also provided when available. To make sure you can schedule a visit, photos of the institution and a physical address are provided as a way to make sure you can plan your trip with ease. This is extremely important if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Perhaps a face to face visit is not what concerns you, but keeping in contact does. InmatesPlus provides information on inmate mailing addresses, the proper way to send money to an inmate, and correctional facility telephone numbers, as well as how to make inmate phone calls. It is important to keep in contact with those who are incarcerated as a way to keep them connected to the outside world. This also allows them to connect to society faster upon release and reduces recidivism. It can be exciting for an inmate to receive packages, letters, photos, books, and magazines that are allowed by a given facility. What is allowed also varies from facility to facility, so InmatesPlus helps you to know what can be sent, how often, and in what form.

Possibly most appreciated by those who are incarcerated is the addition of funds to their commissary account. The commissary allows inmates to purchase extras like food, stamps, envelopes, hygiene products, phone cards, and in some places, computer time. Several facilities also offer holiday or quarterly packages to inmates as a way to celebrate, even behind bars. Simply complete your prison inmate search and check the guidelines and availability for each facility. Your loved one, even though incarcerated can enjoy a few extras to make the time pass faster. Just about any inmate information you need can be found on

The easy to use functions allows you to find information with a few simple clicks of your keyboard through a phone, computer, or tablet. The department of corrections does not always provide easy access to necessary information or make it easy to stay in contact with your loved ones. Their job is to guard inmates, not make the process easy for outsiders, but can help. If you are looking for a one stop shop for the information you need about a specific inmate or facility, then look no further than the ultimate resource for inmate information, You and your loved one deserve to be able to stay in contact, do so the right way by finding the information you need.