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What is a State Prison?

A state prison is a facility used rehabilitate and confine criminals that is operated and maintained by state level government. Most often, state tax money is used to fund the prison which goes towards food and clothes for the inmates, employees, and all other operations.

Offenders that are typically sentenced to a year or more are housed in state prisons where the average sentence length of a state prison is 5 to 10 years.

These facilities can be privately or publicly operated but do so under the legal authority of the state. Most state prison offenders have been convicted of drug offenses or violent crimes. When a state has the death penalty, the prisons within it are tasked and authorized to execute inmates.

The main mission of state prisons is to rehabilitate each non-violent offender with the goal of re-integrating them into society. The main goal for most violent offenders, by contrast, are to keep them away from society so they cannot cause harm to it’s members.

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Use the  tool to find count jail inmates who are housed in county detention facilities, city jail and other correction facilities in . You will find links to 3,000 detention centers and facilities across the USA in our county jail database.

What is a County Jail?

Count jails house inmates after they are arrested or transferred from a local detention center or holding cell. The inmates are held in a jail cell to await several actions. These include but are not limited to a pending hearing, awaiting a trial date, ending of short sentences, transferred to prisons, and people convicted of contempt of court. Typically, sentences for county jails are no more than one year, with an average sentence being between 20 to 30 days.

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